Our Bathtub Features Make Bathing a Safe and Relaxing Experience

Irvine Walk-in-BathtubsModern technology has given us the ability to enhance our bathrooms will all manner of innovative devices. Whether it’s multi-jet shower heads, massaging jets, or lavishly spacious bathtubs, we can both clean ourselves and relieve sore muscles in increasingly luxurious ways. This technology should naturally extend to those who are limited in their mobility or are advanced in age, and Perfect Walk-in Bathtubs is here to provide such technology.

Our Irvine walk-in bathtubs are designed specifically to combine luxuriousness with enhanced safety. The walk-in bathtubs that you will find at Perfect Walk-in Bathtubs are ideal for senior citizens and those with limitations in their mobility. The various technological features that come with our bathtubs make bathing an easy, safe, and highly relaxing experience. We are proud to provide Irvine walk-in bathtubs that have been designed with expert workmanship.

Our bathtub features are not only designed to be safe and comforting, they can also be upgraded with additional accessories and features.

Irvine Walk-in-BathtubsIrvine Walk-In Bathtub High Capacity Faucets

Often times, bathtubs can take anywhere from eight to fifteen minutes to completely fill. However, with our high capacity faucets, featuring 60 psi water flow, you can get a full bath in as little as four to six minutes. Our high capacity faucets also feature an extendable hand shower, allowing you more freedom of mobility. Our faucets are also available in upgraded color packages, allowing you to have your bathtub be more consistent with your particular bathroom design.

Irvine Walk-in-BathtubsIrvine Walk-In Bathtub Safe-T Drain

With this feature, your Irvine walk-in bathtub will drain quickly and conveniently. Our Safe-T Drains have been manufactured in accordance with strict plumbing code, and will drain all of the water from your bathtub in as little as 85 seconds.

Irvine Walk-in-BathtubsIrvine Walk-In Bathtub Custom Jet Placement

Whether you are looking for jets that will massage your legs, feet, or lower back, Perfect Walk-In Bathtubs has exactly what you’re looking for. Our specialists will make sure your jets are positioned perfectly, and will massage any area that is sore. You can choose up to twelve different places in which to install your water jets, so that any problem area will have the attention it needs.

Irvine Walk-in-BathtubsIrvine Walk-In Bathtub Angled Support Bars

Senior citizens, or those with limited mobility, will greatly benefit from our Angled Support Bars, which will give them more stability. In fact, every one of our Irvine walk-in bathtubs includes at least one angled support bar. This way, you will have an added measure of safety and stability during your bathing time. The way in which these bars are angled makes them ideal for safety and ease of use. If you need enhanced support, we can provide additional angled grab bars, and install them in any area of your bathtub.

Irvine Walk-in-BathtubsIrvine Walk-In Bathtub Low Entry 17” High Seat

These 17” high seats are made in accordance with The American’s With Disabilities Act (ADA), ensuring enhanced safety throughout your bathing time. These seats allow you to sit and stand easily, reducing the risk of slips or falls. Not to mention, these seats are extremely comfortable!

Irvine Walk-in-BathtubsIrvine Walk-In Bathtub Contoured Door Latch

This feature allows you to open and close your walk-in bathtub door easily and conveniently, as they have been specifically designed to not only look aesthetically appealing, but to function flawlessly as well. With these door latches, you will have positive engagement combined with ease of function, as they only require a minimal effort to operate.

Irvine Walk-in-BathtubsIrvine Walk-In Bathtub Certified Door Drain

In accordance with the Federal code requiring that walk-in bathtubs include a door drain, our Certified Door Drain bathtub doors are made specifically to prevent water from spilling over the bottom of your walk-in bathtub, so as to avoid increasing the risk of slips and falls. We guarantee that all of our walk-in bathtubs are equipped with this high quality safety feature.

Irvine Walk-in-BathtubsIrvine Walk-In Bathtub Tile Flange Water Barrier

With this feature, you won’t ever have to worry about water leaking out between the walls and your bathtub ever again. This is also an excellent way of preventing mold growth, which can lead to all kinds of health problems.

Irvine Walk-in-BathtubsIrvine Walk-In Bathtub Extension Panel

A lot of standard bathtubs are around 60” in length, and so installing one of our Irvine walk-in bathtubs may make covering up and closing open spaces left by your old bathtub somewhat difficult. However, with our extension panel, you will be able to close those gaps and keep your bathroom looking aesthetically appealing.

Other Upgrade Options Available for your Irvine Walk-in Bathtub

Beyond the standard features of our Irvine walk-in bathtubs that are listed above, there are also upgrades available that will greatly increase your bathing experience, including:

  • Heated Backrest: This is the ideal product for those cold winter mornings. Getting out of bed will be easier knowing that the heated backrest will keep you warm while you are filling and draining your bathtub.
  • UV Sanitization: With this device, you are guaranteed a clean bathtub, as ultraviolet light is great for killing bacteria, mold, algae, viruses, yeast, and other microorganisms.
  • Ozone Sanitation: This is also a great feature for removing microorganisms, as well as harmful particulates, from the air in your bathroom. Just flip the switch, and you will be breathing easy as you enjoy your walk-in bathtub experience.
  • Aromatherapy: This features offers maximum relaxation through the pleasing scents of sandy beaches or lush rain forests as you sit in your comfortable Irvine walk-in bathtub. The aromatherapy feature is an excellent way of reducing stress and giving you a maximum degree of comfort.
  • Chromatherapy: Otherwise known as “light therapy”, this feature offers over 20 colors for you to choose from. The LED lights are a fantastic way of setting a relaxing mood during your bathing experience.

Irvine Walk-in Bathtub Accessories

Along with everything listed above, you can enhance your bathtub with all kinds of different accessories. Although these accessories are not standard equipment, they are easy to install. These additional accessories include:

  • Hand Held Shower Slide Bar: This shower head is adjustable and easy to use, and can be positioned at any height.
  • Custom Shower Rod & Curtain: This feature offers maximum privacy, and will make your walk-in bathtub look like one found in a professional spa.
  • Wall Kits: These are available in White, Breccia Paradiso, Mocha Travertine, and Botticino Cream colors, and will greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your walk-in bathtub.

A Lifetime Guarantee On Our Irvine Walk-in Bathtubs

Irvine Walk-in-BathtubsWhen you purchase one of our walk-in bathtubs, you are guaranteed the best warranty available in the industry. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee covers:

  • Bathtub Shell, Frame, and Finish
  • Door Seal
  • Supporting Equipment
  • Motors and Electronic Controls
  • Faucet, Waste, and Overflow