Perfect Walk-In Bathtubs is one of the fastest growing walk-in bathtub companies in Southern California. We have successfully installed over 500 complaint free installations with many more shipped throughout the US. We pride ourselves in providing only quality iatmo certified tubs.

Owner Dale Bradshaw has over 25 years experience in the Home Improvement industry.

One’s personal bathing needs should not be limited to cost.

“In my experience, I have witnessed overcharging and price gouging of seniors for inferior products. Both having senior parents, I realize the hardships and need for this product and have dedicated myself to meeting those demands.”Dale Bradshaw

Perfect Walk-In Bathtubs would like to welcome you to a growing trend in bath remodeling – The Walk-In Bathtub! A walk-in tub is a specially designed bathtub that has a door and seat built right in. Once the door is opened it is easy to step into the tub, shut the door, and proceed to fill the tub with water. The door has a water tight LIFETIME seal that once closed allows you to have a nice deep soaking bath.

For the mature of age, disabled people, people with challenges in mobility, or anybody looking for a safe and more comfortable bathing experience, Perfect Walk In Tubs offers you the perfect solution to taking a soothing bath. The Perfect Walk-In Bathtub offers easy entry and comfortable seating. Easy-to-reach faucets combined with a hand held shower fixture will truly make your bathing experience wonderful! Convenient grab bars add to the pleasure of your new bath experience while also considering your safety. With a water depth of almost two and a half feet, a relaxing and comfortable bath is waiting on you, at Perfect Walk In Tubs.

Perfect Walk In Tubs is proud to feature several brands of walk-in tubs. You can choose from our line of soaker safety baths or add the “water massage” water jets to your new bath. You can choose air jets or a combination of air jets and water jets. It’s your bath, so you make the choices! Perfect Walk-In Tubs also features unique options such as the Minute Drain, Aromatherapy, Chromatherapy and AirBath Massage Systems. All of these features will provide pain relieving therapy and comfort through the ergonomic design.

Let’s face it the wet area in the bathroom can be a slippery and dangerous place. This is why Perfect Walk In Tubs is so proud to have these lines of tubs available to our senior and handicapped clients. If safety is a concern of yours a Perfect Walk In Tub may be the answer. When seated inside the walk-in tub you are literally surrounded by comfort. If you’re concerned with the tub size, don’t be. These walk-in bathtubs are available in various sizes and dimensions. Perfect Walk-In Tubs has installed numerous hydro therapy bathtubs with nothing but positive feedback. If you would like a brochure about these bathtubs give a call at (800) 575 4741.

Unlike ordinary bathtubs, Perfect Walk-In Bath Tubs removes the problem of stepping over a high rim. Our doors allow you to enter and exit the tub with ease. This provides for worry-free, safe bathing. We want you to relax and have peace of mind. You shouldn’t have to experience discomfort or risk to take a bath. That is why our easy-to-use door was invented. Simply walk in and sit down.
For those in need of therapeutic treatments, our walk-in tub provides the soothing waters necessary to increase blood circulation and mobility. We are committed to improving your quality of life and a first-rate bath is an easy way to revitalize the body. Therapy Tubs takes pride in our product because we believe it directly impacts and promotes health.
Perfect Walk-in Bath Tubs relies on the finest materials in the business and is crafted in the United States of America. We are committed to quality and to producing a first-rate product.
Not only is our walk-in tub convenient and therapeutic, it looks fantastic. Our hardware and features create an elegant look in the bathroom. We believe that our product can serve a functional purpose as well as increase the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. With Perfect Walk-In Bath Tubs, you’ll feel great and your bathroom will look great.

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What Customers Are Saying

I want to sincerely all at Perfect Walk-in Bathtubs for my new 3050 tub. It is a wonderful and much needed product and I am enjoying using it immensely.

I really appreciated all the time you spent with me explaining the product and answering my many questions and allaying my apprehensions. I only regret I didn’t get it sooner. I feel much safer now and am so glad I call Perfect Walk-In Bathtubs before a fall.

Ronald Weiskopf

I love my tub! I will tell anyone and everyone that your company is the best in the business!

Maxine Hiestand

I am so grateful to you for your patience and kindness during the bathtub selection process. I spent three weeks with you and other vendors and there is no question– Perfect Bathtubs is really Perfect in every way. The IMS installation team led by David and his two brothers were so expert and clean in their installation of our new handicapped access slide in tub. My husband, Chuck absolutely loves his tub bath. After 8 years in a wheelchair, the shower does not offer the same relaxing experience. We give him a bath in epson salts to relieve the aching muscles that are locked by the ALS disease. My sincere thanks to you and all members of your team for creating this wonderful opportunity for our family.

Dr. Cheryl D. Lampe
Professor of Education

We were very impressed with your installation crew. Dave and his guys did a wonderful job with a minimum amount of noise and dirt!

Nick and Nayan Lamitz

Outstanding. The workers did all outstanding job. These workers were professional and did such an outstanding job that one would think the house was built with this bathtub as part of the original construction. If anyone is thinking of purchasing a walk-in tub, these would be the workers to do the-installation. One word would describe both the tub and the workers. Outstanding.

Rex and Roberta Johnson
Valencia, CA

Thank you for your help in our selection of the perfect therapy tub for my wife. Your concern about her exact problems in the selection of the type of tub she needed was truly appreciated. It made a big difference in our choice of which company we wanted to do business with on this important decision.

Jim Heady

The workers you sent were fantastic. They worked very hard and way beyond what they probably should have. They were kind and very tidy as they worked. I will recommend them as excellent workers and workmanship. Thank you very much.

Donna Hesser
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